Free Facebook by Jazz – Package Activation Code & Details

Jazz is one of Pakistan’s number 1 Network, brings to you an amazing offer. The Jazz Super 4G – The ultimate offer that now allows our customers to enjoy a free version of Facebook that does not consume your data. Yes, you heard us right! You can now opt to save your MBs wisely while staying online.

If you are a customer to Jazz, you have the ability to switch between the free versions and Data versions of Facebook, which is only a single tap away. All you have to do is to kindly flick the toggle at the top of your Facebook feed. For further details on the usage of Facebook for free, kindly read the information below.

What is free Facebook by Jazz?

With this latest offer, “free Facebook by Jazz”, you can now easily use Facebook and other similar useful websites for free. While your browsing Facebook on your mobile phone, it provides you with the option to use Facebook without using your Data.

How can I get Free Facebook by Jazz?

All that you got to do, is to simply open the Facebook application on your android phone or visit the Facebook website to enjoy Facebook for free.

How is it different from regular Facebook Usage?

While using free Facebook, you will be able to see a toggle on the top of your app which allows you to switch between Data and Free mode. While the Free mode is in use, you will be able to scroll through your timeline, post a textual status update, chat, comment on the status and share a post without using your Data. Nonetheless, you will not be able to see images and videos or upload them.

How is facebook by Jazz different from regular Facebook?

The free version of Facebook allows you to flexibly switch between the two modes of free mode and data mode. Free mode is a lightweight version of Facebook allowing you to post, comment, like, share and chat for free. It helps you to stay in touch while saving ur Data.

To view photos or videos, kindly switch to Data Mode(regular Facebook) by clicking the “view photos” button. You will be then charged for the data usage in this mode as per your package plan. You can then go back to your free mode, at any time, according to your will, by simply clicking on the “Go To Free” button on the top of your timeline.

When am I eligible to use Full Facebook for free?

Jazz subscribers are eligible to use Facebook for free for a period of 30 days if they are new users to Facebook.

what if I started using Free Facebook by Jazz but now I don’t want to use it anymore?

To opt-out of Free Facebook by Jazz; when in data mode, click on the ‘?’ next to ‘You’re in Data Mode.’ You can also visit your Facebook bookmarks (if using the Facebook Android app) or Facebook menu (if using to opt-out.

Can I get Free Basics On my Desktop Computer?

No. The free basic app is only available on mobile devices.

How can I avoid data charges while on Android?

Follow the instructions below:

  • Close other apps that may use data
  • Turn off background data sync. To do so:
  • Open your device’s main Settings menu.
  • Under ‘Wireless & Networks’, select Data usage.
  • Touch the menu icon.
  • Make sure ‘Restrict background data’ is checked.
  • Make sure ‘Auto-sync data’ is unchecked.
  • How do I change the language for Free Basics?

For Free Basics, if you’re in a country where Free Basics is available in more than one language, you can change the language by clicking ‘About Free Basics’ at the bottom of the list of websites.

For the Free Basics app: If you’re in a country where Free Basics is available in more than one language, you can choose your language by clicking ‘Settings’ in the menu tab in the upper right corner. Then click ‘Change Language’.

Can I use Other Internet packages while using the Free Basics?

Yes, you can still benefit from any other mobile package, call, text, use data and use other hybrid bundle offers while using the Free Basics promo. Using the websites provides via Free Basics does not deduct from your balance.

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