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Free Internet Tricks Jazz, Telenor, Zong and Ufone

There are many cellular networks in Pakistan working now and they offer some flexible packages to their users. Today we are going to discuss Free Internet Tricks Jazz, Telenor, Zong and Ufone with subscription codes for our users in all the cities of Pakistan.

Are you looking for Free Internet Data Tricks Online? Finally, there are genuine useful tricks that can be used to avail free Internet Data on your mobile phone for Jazz, Telenor, Zong and Ufone prepaid customers.

Jazz Free Internet Tricks

Jazz brings you a super offer to enjoy Free Jazz Internet MBs by using the Jazz World App. You will get free internet up to 200MBs every week without any cost. All you need to create an account on the Jazz App and start enjoying free data.

This is a new offer from Jazz for their subscriber. You don’t need to activate any bundle or package. Just need to install their Android application on your smartphone and start enjoying free internet all day.

it valid for prepaid customers who have to install the Mobilink app. Whether you are a new or old customer, you can enjoy free internet all day.

If you are a Mobilink Jazz Subscriber and want to avail Jazz Free Internet then this article is helpful for you.

Get Rewards Upto 200 Jazz Free MBs with Jazz World App

The code for the Jazz free Internet MBs is not available. Instead of that, you need to keep using their world app and keep getting the free MBs.
Jazz prepares the reward system on daily basis. Every day you will get a set of free data that you can use to explore video or text content. You can use data for social media as well.

Jazz Free Internet Tricks

  • The first day will start when you install the app and you will get 25 MBs.
  • Similarly, on the next day, you will get 50 MBs.
  • On the third day, you’ll get 100 MBs.
  • You will get 120 MBs on the fourth day.
  • Fifty days of the week, you will get 150 MBs.
  • On the second last day of the week, you will get 175 MBs.
  • Finally, at the end of the Week, you will get 200 MBs.

How to Avail this Offer?

It is quite simple to avail this amazing offer. You just need to install the app “Jazz World” and you’ll get the MBs on your smartphone screen.

You don’t need to recharge your account to avail this offer.

When you install first time this app. 500 MBs will be awarded


Each day given MBS validity is one day. (Not Valid between 7 PM to 10 PM)

Terms and Conditions :

  • The free data can be used for any web browser content. You can use social media or other websites over the internet.
  • The data will be valid only for one day and the next day you will get fresh data free of cost.
  • The speed of the internet will be compromised according to traffic.
  • It is for both prepaid and postpaid customer offer. There is no data time limit.

Zong Free Internet Tricks

My Zong App is a self-service tool that can help you to manage your account, view usage details, activation of your desired packages/bundles/promo and also help you to recharge your account.

My Zong App Offers Amazing Features with Free Internet Data

With a commitment to provide state-of-the-art solutions and services to customers, Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network, Zong 4G has upgraded its self-care app and launched an amazing offer with ‘Free 4GB Data’ on first-time app registrations.

My Zong App serves the needs of both its GSM and Mobile Broadband subscribers, with over 6 million app downloads, My Zong App is keeping in focus customers’ convenience and ease-of-use with a user-friendly interface.

The updated app offers everything customers want to manage their Zong accounts within the palm of their hands. Customers can manage multiple Zong numbers, check their balance, recharge, and avail the advance loan directly through the My Zong App.

Available for download on both iOS and Android, ‘My Zong App’ enables customers to view their usage details, order MBB devices, and Zong 4G’s Handsets swiftly through their smartphones. In addition to this, for the convenience of the Mobile Broadband subscribers, Child and Master Numbers can also be easily retrieved through the app

My Zong App Amazing Features

The updated ‘My Zong App’ also introduces a new user-friendly feature of a convenient widget. It can be set on the home screens for Android users and provides real-time updates about data, voice and SMS usage; giving complete transparency of available resources.

Bringing better value and experience for customers, users can now share their feedback through the Customer Survey option. This feature ensures ease of communication for the customers by providing real-time feedback.

Zong 4G with its outstanding customer service aims to uplift its customer’s experience to newer heights. Through its advanced digital solutions, Pakistan’s No.1 Data Network is innovating to provide sought-after solutions to its customers and promises to continue doing so in the future.

Zong Free Internet Tricks

For receiving gifts on Zong App you just need to play a game. By picking a card you’ll get free MBs.


  • You can play this game once a day.
  • All freebies have the same validity.
  • Freebies will be posted against the number which is currently selected as default at MY ZONG APP while playing the game.
  • Check your claimed freebies at the usage menu of MY ZONG APP.

Ufone Free Internet Tricks

Ufone also offers free Internet Data tricks for its lovely customers. If you want to learn about Free Internet Data Tricks then read the details given below.

Install My Ufone App Offer & Get 1 GB Free Internet Data

To take benefit of this remarkable offer and many more features, Download My Ufone App now and register yourself! Not only this but also enjoy a lot of features of App free of cost.

If you are going to install the Ufone app for the first time then you are going to get 1GB data volume without any charges. Let’s explore any type of content for the next two weeks.

All you need to download the application and install it on your smartphone. Enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It permits you to subscribe to the Data, SMS, Voice bundles and offers of your choice.

Furthermore, After installing the application, you simply need to create an account using your Ufone number. After registration, you will get a notification about the free internet data incentive.

The free data of 500 MBs will be given for the first week from the day of the subscription. The next 500 MBs for the next 7 days. So you will have 14 days for 1GB data volume.

The Ufone My App allows you to quickly access all internet and calling packages. You will also get a discount on different products which include a shopping mall, hotels and many more.

  • Additionally, This is a special offer which isn’t for every customer. The offer is only for customer who gets a special message on their Ufone number.
  • This offer provides two different kinds of incentives for different Ufone customers.
  • The one type of customer will get 1GB of internet data volume for 14 days.
  • The second type of Ufone users will get 30 U2U free minutes, 30 SMS for all networks, and 40 MBs data volume.

How to Avail Ufone App Offer?

this offers only for some special customers. And to get this offer you need to download and install the My Ufone application on your smartphone and follow these simple steps.

  • Ok, Let’s download the Ufone My App and create an account.
  • Next Open the “Ufone App” on your smartphone.
  • Tap on the “VAS” Menu.
  • Next, Go to the “Only for You” section.
  • Press “Get Code”
  • And finally, you will avail the discount on any of the available services. That’s It!

How to Install the My Ufone App?

Moreover, My Ufone App is a powerful application that gives you the freedom to access and personalize your most favorite services and product. Now you can take complete control of one or more of your Ufone phone numbers with just a single login.

For Android (Android OS 3 & Above is compatible)

  • Visit Android Playstore.
  • Search “My Ufone App” & install it.

For Apple (iOS 8 & Above is compatible)

  • Visit the Apple Store.
  • Search “MY Ufone” & install.
  • Register with your Ufone number.
  • Sign In and Use the application.

Ufone Free Internet Tricks

Terms and conditions:

  • While using the mobile app of Ufone, the data will not charge and it will be free at all.
  • Your U-fone App work with android 4.3 or above version. Make sure you have a smartphone that supports the above version.
  • As for iOs, You should have at least iOS 7 installs on your device. The app will perform better on the above iPhone 5s Models.
  • The Ufone company is responsible for any data loss or personal information such as username and password.
  • But all the transactions that are carried out are the reasonability of customers. Company or My Ufone App will not responsible for any transaction loss.
  • To provide better services company can ask you for their feedback and share their data with third-party service providers.
  • The customers are responsible for sharing balance, Activating packages, or transferring amounts to any other user.
  • The Ufone will not reimburse for any transaction done by Ufone customers using the My Ufone App.
  • Ufone organization will intimate the user through SMS for any transaction done using the Application.
  • All online payments should be permitted by the customers.
  • It is the user’s responsibility that they do not share their application info such as username or password.
  • Any kind of misuse of any credit or debit card isn’t a company’s responsibility.
  • To avoid fraud related to credit or debit cards, I make sure not to use them on multiple My Ufone Applications.
  • The app will not allow you to use any of the international credit/debit cards to make financial transactions.
  • If you have any issue, problem, complaint, or have feedback, please do contact Ufone by dialing 333. You can also contact them using the number 033 11 333 100 from any number contact them using the email address [email protected]

Telenor Free Internet Tricks

Telenor also offers Free Internet Tricks for its customers, if you are looking to avail free Internet MBs with Telenor then Finally you are at the right place because we are going to tell you some useful tricks.

Use My Telenor App and Get Free 500 MBs of Data

Wouldn’t it be great to have total control over your Mobile phone usage? That too without any extra charge, and a chance to earn free 500 MBs & enjoy discounted offers while at it?

Telenor Free Internet Tricks

Well, wait no more! My Telenor is one of the most feature-rich & user-friendly apps out there that is designed to do just that. Through this app, users can easily view their mobile balance, track usage history, order Mobile Phones and internet devices to name a few!

Mobile users often have to memorize tons of confusing & ever-changing USSD codes for different offers. That need has just been eliminated through My Telenor. The app gives you even more incentives down the road by serving up discounts, flash sales, free data and offers made just for you (based on your current balance).

Talk about value!

My Telenor enables users to manage all their Telenor numbers with one account, so you can manage all your connections from one single app! Here’s a brief overview of what My Telenor offers:

  • Check your balance, remaining internet bundle, minutes, and SMS
  • Subscribe to new packages, offers, flash sales & avail discounts
    View your calls, SMS and data usage history for the past 30 days
  • Pay postpaid bills and recharge prepaid account
  • File, manage and track complaints
  • Add Friends & Family numbers to avail low call rates
  • Make your customized bundle with My DJuice Offer (for Djuice users only)
  • And much more!

If you find yourself running out of your mobile balance, you can easily recharge your account via your credit & debit cards or through your Easypaisa Mobile Account using My Telenor. So why go through the hassle of going to a shop when you can just do it all by yourself no matter where you are!

Made for You

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices for free. Speaking of maximizing value, Telenor users can enjoy free 500 MBs on the first app download or by logging in after 30+ days in case of being inactive.

Free Internet Tricks Jazz, Telenor, Zong and Ufone Conclusion:

All the details about Free Internet Tricks details have been taken from official sources, these are the recommended tricks which can give you access to free Internet. Jazz, Telenor, Zong and Ufone give amazing offers to their customers with some freebies as well, if you want further details about upcoming offers and their subscription codes then stay connected with Telecompunch.

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