Jazz SMS Packages Daily, Weekly, and Monthly (Prepaid & Postpaid)

Jazz is the new brand name established due to the collaboration of Warid and Mobilink. It offers many SMS packages to its postpaid and prepaid users. This compiany has more than 56 million users now. The main office of this company is situated in Islamabad. The “motto” of Jazz is “Duniya Ko Bataa Do”. At the time of launch Asif Aziz, CMO – Mobilink said:

“We want to empower our subscribers to go on to conquer their dreams by changing their perceptions about what is possible by utilizing the plethora of digital services on offer by Jazz. The products and services offered by Mobilink will come under Jazz’s umbrella with a change in name but enhanced quality and usability.”

Jazz SMS Packages

Jazz is the mobile company that offers one of the best SMS packages having good quality. These SMS packages are affordable and reasonably priced. They are user-friendly as well. Jazz is considered to be a first-class company because of the packages it offers to its users. In SMS packages they not only offer SMS but also offer some Off-Net and On-Net (Jazz +Warid) Minutes and Internet Data (MBs). Jazz offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly Packages to its subscribers. This company is termed as one of the largest telecom company operating in Pakistan in this era.

Jazz SMS Packages for Prepaid Users

Jazz SIM Lagao offer

If you are a new user of Jazz and you are using the Jazz SIM for the first time then you will be highly credited. You will also be favored if you are using your Jazz SIM after a few months. You will feel like a lucky man as Jazz offers 3000 SMS to all networks with 3000 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes (except from 6 PM to 10 PM) and 1500 (MBs) Internet Data (except 9am-1am) in just 0.60 Rs. You can be a part of this fantastic offer by dialing *551# while having no un-subscription code.
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Jazz Daily SMS Packages

These packages allow its subscribers to be free of any interruption for a whole day while they enjoy doing messages to their loved ones. Daily SMS Packages by Jazz are best for people who chat for the whole day. It saves your money and gives you the freedom of talking to anyone at any time. You only pay once and enjoy for 24 hrs without worrying about the balance. These offers will be re-subscribed automatically. These packages include:
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1. Jazz Daily SMS Package + WhatsApp

Dialing *334# can subscribe to this package and unsubscribe by dialing *334*4#. You can get 1800 SMS with 10 Internet Data (MBs) for WhatsApp for a whole day in just 6 Rs.

2. Jazz Day Bundle

You can get 300 SMS with unlimited On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes (12 AM to 7 PM only) and 20 (MBs) Internet Data for a whole day in just 10 Rs. You can subscribe by dialing *340# and un-subscribe by dialing *330*4#

Jazz also has some specific offers for its users that are highly area oriented or restricted. These may include:

3. Jazz Apna Shehr Offer

This offer is applicable in areas such as Pir Mahal, Head Faqeeran, Mandi Bahauddin, Jhang, Dinga, Toba Tek Singh, Kot Addu, Shorkot, Rajanpur, Malakwal and Dera Ghazi Khan only. It offers 1500 SMS with unlimited On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes and 100 (MBs) Internet Data (4G) in just Rs. 10. You can be a part of this offer by dialing *229# and unsubscribe by dialing *229*4#.

4. Jazz Karachi Daily Hybrid LBC Offer

This offer is only applicable for users in Karachi and hub areas. It offers 1500 SMS in only 10 Rs. with unlimited On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes and Internet Data 100 (MBs). You can subscribe by dialing*400# while it un-subscribes automatically at night.

5. Jazz Super F&F Offer

This offer is only for those users having Super F&F number. In just Rs. 10 you can get unlimited SMS and On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes for 1 Super F&F number. You can subscribe to this package by dialing *141*F&F number#.

Jazz Weekly SMS Packages

This allows you to chat with your family or friends for a whole week without the tension of subscribing to a package every day. The rates of these packages are quite reasonable. They facilitate you rather than causing you trouble by being expensive. These SMS packages are suitable for people who don’t like to talk on call and prefer texting in all situations. These packages may include:
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1. Jazz Weekly SMS Package + WhatsApp

It is also known as Jazz Weekly Bundle-Once Off as it expires after 7 days and doesn’t reactivate unless you subscribe it again. In Rs. 15 you can get 1500 SMS to all networks and 25 (MBs) Internet Data for WhatsApp. You can subscribe by dialing *101*1*07# and deactivate by dialing *101*4*07#. Dial *101*3*07# to know your status while you can dial *101*3*07# for other information related to this package.

2. Jazz Haftawar Offer

In Rs. 85 you can get 1000 SMS with 1000 On-Net Minutes (Jazz+Warid) and 100 (MBs) Internet Data. Just dial *407# to subscribe and dial *407*4# to unsubscribe.

3. Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Offer

Jazz also offers an area restricted package that is applicable in areas like Quetta, Khuzdar, Gawadar, Pishin, Jaffarabad, Zhob, Ziarat, and some northern areas as well. The package is named as “Haftawar All Rounder Offer.” This package offers 1000 SMS to all networks with 1000 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes, 50 Off-Net Minutes and 250 (MBs) Internet Data in just Rs. 84 for a week. It expires automatically. You can subscribe by dialing *747#.

4. Jazz New SIM Offer

If you have a new Jazz SIM then you can get Jazz New SIM Offer Amazing Deal by dialing *191#. You will get 700 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes (except 6 pm to 10 pm) 700 SMS and 700 (MBs) Internet Data (except 9 pm to 1 am) for 7 days.

To subscribe Jazz SIM Lagao Weekly bundle dial *989# while it expires automatically after 7 days. In this package, you can get 1500 SMS and 1500 (MBs) Internet Data with 1500 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes in just 99 Rs.

5. Jazz 4G SIM Offer

If you have just got your new 4G Jazz SIM you can avail this offer. In this offer, you get 4000 SMS, 400 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes, 4 GB Internet Data. To get this offer dial *443*30#.

6. Jazz Weekly All Network Offer

In Rs. 130 you can get 1000 SMS to all networks, 1000 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes and 50 off-net Minutes with 300 MBs data by dialing *700# and you can easily unsubscribe by dialing *700*4#.

7. Jazz Weekly Super Duper Package

This package offers 1500 SMS, Jazz+Warid 1500 Minutes, 25 off-net minutes and 1500 MBs data in only Rs. 150. To subscribe this package dial *770# and to check status dial *770*2#.

8. Jazz Weekly SMS Bundle Recursive

In Rs. 15 you get a fantastic deal that is 1500 SMS to all networks with 25 (MBs) Data for WhatsApp by dialing *507# and it can be unsubscribed by dialing *507*4#. This bundle reactivates automatically.

Jazz Monthly SMS Packages

Jazz offers impressive and inexpensive packages to its users by which the subscribers can easily text for a whole month without any problem. Monthly Jazz SMS Packages also come with freebies such as free Off-Net Minutes, On-Net Minutes (Jazz+Warid) and Internet Data (MBs). These may include:
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1. Jazz Monthly SMS Package + WhatsApp

In Rs. 60 you can get 12000 SMS with 5000 MBs for WhatsApp only. You can subscribe by dialing *101*1*02# and un-subscribe by dialing *101*4*02#. You can dial *101*3*02# for Information and dial *101*2*02# to check the Status of your package.

2. Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle

In Rs. 390 you can get 10,000 SMS, 10,000 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes with daily 333 Minutes limit, 1000 (MBs) Internet by dialing *430# and you can unsubscribe by dialing *430*4#.

3. Jazz Monthly All Rounder Offer

In Rs. 499 you can get 1500 SMS with 200 On-Net & Off-Net Minutes and 5 GB Internet Data. You can subscribe by dialing *2000# and it expires automatically.

4. Jazz Monthly Super Duper Offer

You can get 1500 SMS with 1500 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes, 100 Off-Net Minutes, 2000 (MBs) Internet Data in just Rs. 499 by dialing *706# and you can unsubscribe by dialing *706*4#.

5. Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer

This package gives you 3000 SMS, 3000 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes, 200 Off-Net Minutes, 5000 (MBs) Internet Data in just Rs. 799. To subscribe dial, *707#. To check status dial *707*2# and for unsubscription dial, *707*4#.

6. Jazz Super Duper Card Offer

Dial *601* to activate this offer. In Rs. 600 you can get 2000 SMS, 2000 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes, 150 Off-Net Minutes and 2000 free (MBs) Internet Data for 30 days.

7. Jazz Supreme Hybrid Bundle

Jazz also offers a monthly SMS package that is area oriented named as “Jazz Supreme Hybrid Bundle.” It offers 1000 SMS to all networks with 1000 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes, 100 Off-Net Minutes, and 2000 (MBs) Internet Data in just Rs. 250 for 30 days. You can subscribe by dialing *3500# and it unsubscribes automatically. It is applicable in areas like Quetta, Mandi Bahauddin, Pishin, Phalia, and Dinga.

Jazz SMS Packages for Postpaid Users

Jazz also offers SMS packages to their users that are a part of their company via postpaid. These packages are:
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1. Jazz J 1500

In Rs. 1500 this package offers Internet Data 7000 MBs & Free 1 GB Facebook + WhatsApp and 7000 SMS with extra 7000 free SMS, 500 Off-Net Minutes and unlimited On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes. To get bill information dial *1111#, for internet details dial *443# and to check the status of free SMS, MBs, internet dial *2222#.

2. Jazz J 999

This package is very affordable and is getting more fame on daily basis by its users. In just Rs. 999 you can get 1000 SMS and 2000 (MBs) Internet Data with unlimited On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes, 500 Off-Net Minutes. Get bill details by dialing *1111#, for Internet details dial *443# and status check dial *2222#.

3. Jazz J 600

You can get in touch with your loved ones via this package. In Rs. 600 you can get 300 SMS, 2000 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes, 300 Off-Net Minutes, 1000 (MBs) Internet Data. You can get bill information by dialing *1111# and to check free remaining Minutes, SMS and MBs dial *2222#.

4. Jazz J 300

This is an exclusive offer. It helps you to communicate more efficiently with your fellows in just Rs. 300 you get 500 (MBs) Internet Data, 150 SMS, 1000 On-Net (Jazz+Warid) Minutes and 150 Off-Net Minutes. You can get information about your Internet package by dialing *443# and to check remaining volumes *2222#.

These were the significant Packages that Jazz offers to their users on a Daily, Monthly or Weekly basis. The charging system in Jazz is based on the data used and SMS available per package. To get more information you can visit the official website of Jazz.

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