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Warid SMS Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Warid was an Emirati telecommunications company and was GSM, HSPA+ and LTE-based operator in Pakistan. Warid, the seventh telecommunication company to work in Pakistan. It started its operation in May 2005 by the Abu Dhabi group and it was the first venture of the business group in the field of telecommunication. Warid is a prestigious and well-established organization in the telecommunication field. It was the 5th largest in cellular service in terms of its users expanding over 12.9 million and the 4th largest GSM provider organization in Pakistan.

Warid holds almost 9 percent of the market share among cellular operators. Warid had invested about $ 2.5 billion to achieve this milestone.  The slogan used by Warid during 2005 to 2008 was “Be Heard”, “We Care”, “Zem It” and “Life Ka Network” and then changed its slogan into”بات بڑھائے ساتھ“ and “Dosti Ke Rang.“ Aamir Ibrahim, chief executive officer of Mobilink, announced that Journey of Warid as telecommunication would end, and now both companies have been re-launched under the brand name “Jazz”. Now Warid customers will use the packages offered by Mobilink under the brand name Jazz.

Warid SMS Packages

SMS is known as the best communication method for those people who do not bother to talk on call. These are the best communication way to express your feelings and to connect with your loved ones at a far distance. Warid also provides SMS packages to its valuable customers according to their needs and requirement. These packages are excellent service in terms of their expiry, the number of messages provided and the rates of SMS packages. These packages are enough versatile that you are can choose according to your needs and requirement.

Warid Prepaid SMS Packages

Warid provides a variety of daily SMS packages to its customers to fulfill their needs and expectations according to their requirements and needs. These packages provide your facility to send SMS for the whole day without any tension. These SMS includes Daily, Weekly and Monthly SMS Packages provided by Warid

Warid Daily SMS Packages

Warid offers you the most amenable daily SMS packages with the lowest prices. Daily packages provided by Warid are versatile enough so that you can choose according to their needs. Sometimes you want to talk about something important but without getting noticed by the people around you, then Warid daily SMS packages are suitable and according to their needs. Here is the detail of SMS packages offered by Warid along with their price and number of messages provided?

Daily SMS Package + WhatsApp

Warid provides Daily SMS Package for its users which includes 1800 SMS and 10 MBs WhatsApp Data for free. This offer is valid for 24 hours for just Rs.8. If you want to subscribe to Warid Daily SMS Package + WhatsApp Bundle then dial *334# to avail of this offer.

Warid Weekly SMS Packages

In addition to daily SMS packages, Warid also offers some suitable and affordable weekly SMS packages for its valued users. These packages provide you SMS sending facility for the whole week without worrying about balance.  Weekly SMS packages are suitable for you if you are willing to use SMS services frequently. Warid offers different weekly packages that exactly suit your budget. Some on/off-net minutes or internet are also provided along with Weekly SMS packages. Here are the complete details of this package weekly.

Weekly SMS Package + WhatsApp

Warid Prepaid now brings an amazing Weekly SMS Package for its users which offers 1500 SMS and 25 MBs WhatsApp Data Bundle. If you want to subscribe to Warid Weekly SMS Package + WhatsApp then dial *101*1*07# for Rs. 23.

Warid Monthly SMS Packages

Some people are used to chatting with their family and loved ones. They don’t like to talk on call and use SMS as a way of communication instead. Monthly SMS packages are suitable for such people because they don’t need to subscribe to the packages on daily or weekly packages. Warid offers some monthly packages with suitable and affordable prices by its customer’s needs and expectations. Warid also provides some off/on-net minutes, internet or WhatsApp data along with these packages. Here is the detail of the Monthly SMS Offers provided by Warid.

Monthly SMS Package + WhatsApp + IMO Bundle

Warid Prepaid offers a Monthly SMS Package that includes 12000 SMS and 50 GBs free WhatsApp and IMO Data for just Rs. 79. If you want to subscribe to this amazing package then dial *101*1*02* to avail this offer for 30 days.

Warid Postpaid SMS Packages

Warid never disappoints its users in terms of facilitation and their expectations. This telecom giant also provides a versatile number of SMS packages to its postpaid customers. You can choose these packages according to your needs and requirements. Moreover, prepaid customers can also convert their SIM to postpaid.

Warid and Mobilink are working together under the Umbrella of Jazz. If you want information about further packages of Warid or Jazz Packages related to SMS then visit Jazz SMS Packages post for further details.

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