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Warid WhatsApp Packages Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2023

WhatsApp is an American communication app owned by Facebook, which is cross-platform and freeware messaging. WhatsApp allows its users to send text and voice messages, make video and voice calls, share location and files. We are going to discuss Warid WhatsApp Packages in this post to give you complete information about some best WhatsApp bundles offered by Warid. WhatsApp is among the most used social communication apps worldwide and has become a global communication source. After getting merged with Mobilink, Now Jazz is the largest telecommunication network in Pakistan. Warid merged with Mobilink, Now Jazz is the largest telecommunication network in Pakistan.

Keeping in mind, the importance and usage of WhatsApp, Warid is also providing WhatsApp bundles to its valued customers. Warid is the finest 4G LTE service provider in Pakistan. Warid provides cheap and economical WhatsApp offers. These include Warid WhatsApp Packages on Daily, Weekly and Monthly basis. You can get complete details about these Packages and choose the best package according to your need and desire.

Warid WhatsApp Packages 2023

Warid provides multiple and different internet packages to meet the needs and demands of its valued customer. These packages include daily, weekly, and monthly WhatsApp packages. Below is the detail of all Warid WhatsApp Bundles.

Warid Daily WhatsApp Packages

Now Warid brings Daily WhatsApp Packages for its customers. If you like to use your WhatsApp Package daily, then Warid has got the best daily bundles of WhatsApp for you.

Warid Daily WhatsApp Package

Warid also offers the Daily WhatsApp bundle along with SMS. You can communicate with your loved ones. Warid offers 1800 SMS and 10 MBs data for WhatsApp for the whole day. If you want to subscribe to this bundle then dial *334# in just Rs. 8.

Warid Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Increasing usages of WhatsApp and its importance in our daily life, Warid also provides weekly WhatsApp packages. Now Warid also offers some SMS along with WhatsApp bundles.

Warid Weekly WhatsApp Package

Warid brings a Weekly WhatsApp Package to its customers which includes 1500 SMS and 20 MBs Data for WhatsApp for 7 days Rs. 20 (Incl. Tax). If you want to subscribe to Warid Weekly SMS Bundle then dial *101*1*07#.

Warid Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Keeping in mind, the customer’s needs, Warid also offers monthly data bundles for WhatApp along with SMS.  If you are tired of subscribing to WhatsApp bundles repeatedly, then the Monthly WhatsApp package is the best one for you. Warid offers cheap and economical packages.

Warid Monthly WhatsApp Package

Now Warid brings Monthly WhatsApp Package for its users which includes 5 GBs Data for WhatsApp, IMO & Facebook along with 12000 SMS in Rs.110 (Incl. Tax). If you want to subscribe to this package then dial *661# for 30 days.

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